The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, & The Matrix Revolutions style Matrix sunglasses.

Morpheus Sunglasses (from The Matrix Trilogy)
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Hard case Included
Original Morpheus Sunglasses
Price: $349.95

Original Morpheus Sunglasses. Morpheus, captain of the Nebuchadnezzar and arguably the most iconic character from the Matrix Trilogy, wears these arm-less sunglasses throughout the films.

The Morpheus model attaches between the eyes rather than over the ear like traditional glasses. This is accomplished through the use of spring-loaded clips which apply light pressure on either side of the nose. The clips have been carefully designed to apply enough pressure to keep the sunglasses in place without creating discomfort.

Sunglasses feature reflective dark lenses with full UV protection and metal spring-loaded clips - hard protective case included. These are the most sought-after sunglasses from the film and are also the most difficult to manufacture, as such quantities are extremely limited.



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