MATRIX SUNGLASSES - Sunglasses from the Matrix I, II, & III.
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The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, & The Matrix Revolutions style Matrix sunglasses.

MATRIX Sunglasses feature shatterproof polycarbonate lenses and full UV protection. All Matrix sunglasses have metal frames with dark lenses and come new in plastic bags. While most sunglasses from the matrix films have been out of production for some time, we have stored them in their original cases to ensure that they have remained in mint condition.

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The Matrix I Sunglasses- Neo
Neo's sunglasses from the original Matrix film. Sleek, oval lenses with no frame.
Price: $44.95
The Matrix I Sunglasses- Agent
Agent Smith's sunglasses from the first Matrix film. Smoke-black lenses with very defined corners.
Price: $79.95
Matrix Ghost Sunglasses
Ghost's sunglasses from the Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions. Sleek, rounded, dark black lenses.
Price: $34.95
Morpheus Sunglasses
The most famous Matrix sunglasses, as worn by Morpheus throughout the series. Sunglasses clip onto nose- no arms. Case Included
Price: $349.95
Matrix Sunglasses- Niobe
Niobe's sunglasses, introduced in the Matrix Reloaded.
Price: $29.95
Matrix Sunglasses-Trinity
These unique sunglasses are worn by Trinity throughout the Matrix trilogy.
Price: $29.95
Matrix Sunglasses-Seraph
Seraph's sunglasses from the Matrix II.
Price: $44.95
Matrix Reloaded Sunglasses-Twins
Sunglasses worn by the Twins in the Matrix Reloaded.
Price: $29.95
T-3 Sunglasses
Not from the Matrix, but Arnold's sunglasses are awesome.
Price: $12.95
MicroFiber Carrying Bag
Matrix design Carrying Bag/Lens Cloth
Price: $1.95

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